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If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 344-CLUE .  You do not have to give your name.  CRIME STOPPERS will pay a cash reward of up to $1000 and you WILL remain anonymous. 

Trailer thefts
May 07, 2012

Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers and the Hereford Police Department are again asking the community for help in solving two recent trailer thefts.  The first trailer is described as a black 2011 Gatortail flat bed.  It was taken from a business in the 300 block of Bradley sometime between 8pm and 11pm on 4-26-2012.  The second trailer is described as a blue single axle trailer equipped with a Miller Welder, a Kholer air compressor, welding bottles and a tool box.  This trailer was taken during the overnight hours of 5-1-2012 from a business in the 200 block of N. 25 Mile Ave.  In both cases the trailers were stored inside of a locked fence.  Help these business owners recover the property they work hard for and put the thieving crooks in jail.      

Check it Out!
April 30, 2012

Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers is proud to announce that 2012 has started of to be a successful year.  With several payouts to tipsters so far this year, Crime Stoppers callers have been successful in providing good information to help solve crimes that would normally go unsolved.  Crime Stoppers has paid rewards for burglaries, thefts, drug possession and fugitives so far this year.  Crime Stoppers urges the community to call 344-CLUE to find out how we operate.  We guarantee we will NEVER ask for your name.  You can also check out our web site at to find out more information on our program as well as crimes that need to be solved.  Lots of good community information on the site. 

Metal Theft
April 16, 2012

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Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers needs your help in identifying the suspect in a theft that happened on 04-03-2012 sometime between the hours of 4:30 and 5:30am.  The theif entered some property located on Co. Rd. KK and began loading his Ford extended cab pickup with farm equipment that did not belong to him.  The suspect can be seen in the video as a young male.  He is wearing a dark colored hooded sweat shirt.  Because of infrared video, the dark colored pickup actually appears to be light colored at certain angles.  The edited version of the video can be seen on the Crime Stopper web site at  Click on "Crime of the Week", or "Help Identify".  The theif stole a large amount of small items that cost the victim a large amount of money to replace.  Help catch the crook before he steals from you.   

Burglary of Habitation
April 02, 2012


Sometime during the overnight hours of 3-22-2012, some unknown person/s entered a home in the 300 block of Ave. I while the resident was away. After gaining entry into the house, the suspect/s took a large TV, and several other electronics including a Blue Ray player, and game system. The burglars also took a Taurus 9mm hand gun and a large amount of cash.

Theft of a trailer
March 26, 2012

Crime Stoppers needs help in locating the suspects that took a trailer on Feb. 13th, 2012.  The trailer was stolen from the east alley of the 200 block of Main St. between 7:30p.m. and 8:30p.m.  The trailer is described as a common black wire mesh 8X5 utility trailer with a ramp at the rear.  If you know the suspects or the location of the stolen trailer, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers.       

Wal Mart theft
March 19, 2012

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This video starts out with a line of vehicles entering the Wal- Mart Parking lot.  The third vehicle is a maroon four door car and also the suspects vehicle.  After the vehicle parks, a Hispanic male wearing a dark colored hooded jacket gets out and enters the store.  As he enters it can be seen that he has a very short hair cut, and sports a rather thick mustache.  He walks around Wal-Mart for a short while and plans his attack.  He “shops” around and finds a laptop computer that can easily be seen for sale at $395.00.  After looking at the computer and walking away from it, the suspect then comes back and takes one lap top computer from the shelf after taking a second look at the price.  Off camera the suspect then walked to the cosmetic isle and removed the computer from the box.  He then stuck the computer under his coat and walked out.  The computer outline can be seen in the video as the thief walks out with the stolen property.  The suspect holds the computer in place with his hands in his coat pocket.  He then gets back into his car before driving away.  Crime Stoppers wants to catch this crook and make him pay for what he thinks he got away with!   


Suspect identified after video was put on the web!

Burglary of a residence
March 19, 2012

Deaf Smith County Sheriffs Department is investigating a burglary of a residence in the 3800 block of N. Progressive Rd. that took place sometime between 5 am and 3 pm on 1-11-2012. Crime Stoppers is asking for your help in identifying the suspects and tracking down the stolen property.  Taken in the burglary were numerous women’s gold rings, a Honda pressure washer, and two hydraulic pumps.   

Burglary of a Barn
March 12, 2012

Deaf Smith County Sheriffs Office is investigating numerous burglaries that have been occurring over the last few months to a specific barn on Co. Rd. 9.  The burglaries are happening during the overnight hours.  The suspects appear to be white males and have used both a white Dodge dually pickup and a dark colored Ford Ranger pickup thought to be 88’-92’.  On 3-7-2012, the suspects entered the barn between 3:10am and 3:45am.  They took a large drill press mounted on a home made stand, a red in color air compressor, and other similar items .  Photos of the suspects and the Ford Ranger can be seen on the web site at   

Theif Identified and property recovered from a tip!

Burglary of residence
March 05, 2012

Deaf Smith County Sheriffs Office needs help in identifying the person/s responsible for breaking into a residence on CO. RD. 9.  Sometime during the afternoon hours of 1-12-2012 someone had entered the house and took several items including a 42 inch TV, a lap top computer, and a game console.  Crime Stoppers will pay a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect or the recovery of the stolen property. 

Metal Thefts
February 06, 2012


Metal thefts are on the rise in Hereford and Deaf Smith County. Crime Stoppers and local law enforcement needs your help in identifying and stopping the thieves. Numerous metal thefts have occurred around Hereford and Deaf Smith County and it continues to be an ongoing problem. Metal thieves target any kind of metal no matter what the value or its purpose. Many times farm material, car parts, engine parts, and other items are torn away from machinery so these metal thieves can sell the items to scrap yards through out the area. If you see any suspicious activity Crime Stoppers urges you to call local law enforcement immediately.

Burglary of Business
January 23, 2012

Crime Stoppers needs your help in identifying the person/s who broke into a business in the 300 block of N. 25 Mile Ave.  Crime Stoppers will pay a cash reward to anyone that can lead police to the suspect and the property that was taken in this burglary.  Sometime between the overnight hours of 1-13-2012 and 1-14-2012, person/s forced their entry into the building through the back door.  Once inside, the suspect/s took an HP laptop, and an Apple Ipad both of which were still in their original box.  The suspect/s also took two 1st Financial bank bags that contained cash.  There was also a large amount of coin currency taken.      

Any Crime
January 05, 2012


Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers wants to start 2012 off by helping local law enforcement solve any crime. Crime Stoppers is continuously looking to pay money for information leading to the capture of criminals, the recovery of stolen property, or the seizure of narcotics from our streets and schools. This is done with the help of Hereford and Deaf Smith County residents. Once we receive a call, the caller is assigned a code number. That number stays with this person until the reward is collected. The callers true identity is NEVER revealled. For information or questions about how we operate call the clue line, or visit the web site at

Burglary of Vehicle
December 29, 2011


Crime Stoppers needs the communities help in identifying the suspect that broke into a Suburban at the San Jose Church on 12-26-2011. The suspect is said to be a young male that walks with a limp. The suspect broke a window to the vehicle before reaching in and taking a blue purse from the vehicle. The burglary happened sometime between the hours of 7:00pm and 9:30pm.

Purse snatcher
December 19, 2011


On 12-13-2011, an unknown male subject in his 40`s went into our local Wal-Mart and stole a female wallet out of a purse when the victim turned her back to shop. The male subject then walked away and left the store with the wallet. The victim did not notice the theft until an unidentified witness told her about it. The male suspect was accompanied by an older female that appeared to possibly be his mother. The two arrived and left in a newer model maroon single cab Chevy stepside pickup with what appear to be aftermarket chrome rims. You can view this and other videos under the “help identify” tab on the Crime Stoppers web site.

House Fire
December 09, 2011


On 11-13-2011, Hereford Fire Department was sent to a house fire at 213 Ave. C. The fire completely destroyed the house and damaged some of the neighboring houses. The cause of the fire is unknown, however it is ruled as suspicious. The fire started in the back yard of 211 Ave. C and quickly spread to 215 due to the high winds. Crime Stoppers is asking the community for help by calling in any information about the fire that may help officials determine the cause.

Burglary Habitation
November 14, 2011

Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers is needing your help in identifying the crooks responsible for the burglary of a residence in the 400 block of Ranger Dr. in which four flat screen TV’s were taken.  Also taken was a PSIII, and a 2 year old light brown Bulldog.  The burglary happened between 9:00am and 2:00 pm.  It is not known how the crooks entered the residence. 

November 07, 2011

Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers and area law enforcement agencies are asking for the communities help in solving any unsolved Burglary case.  Residents of Hereford and Deaf Smith County work very hard for their possessions.  Many times, thieves that prowl our streets looking for their next victim take those possessions and trade or sell them for drugs.  These people have no pride in their community and are heartless when it comes to the people that they are taking from.  They are just looking for their next high no matter what the cost.  With your help, we can stop the burglaries and make Hereford and Deaf Smith County a safer place to live, work and raise a family.  

Water Meter theft
October 24, 2011

Crime Stoppers is needing the communities help in locating the persons responsible for the theft of 15 water meter covers that were taken from the alley of several residential areas around Hereford.  The theft took place between August 16th, 2011 and September 20th, 2011.  Crime Stoppers also urges members of the community to report any suspicious persons or activity to law enforcement. 

Stolen Vehicle
October 13, 2011


Crime Stoppers needs your help into the September 11th stolen vehicle from the 200 block of Elm St. Sometime during the early morning hours of 9-11-2011, unknown person/s took a 2001 gray in color Toyota Camry 4 door. The suspects took the vehicle for a joy ride and later dumped the vehicle in the 300 block of Star. St. The vehicle had sustained severe damage and had both air bags deployed.

Golf Course Damage
September 26, 2011

Deaf Smith County Crime Stoppers is needing your help in identifying the persons responsible for damage done to several greens at John Pitman Golf Course.  Sometime during the overnight hours of 9-10-2011, some unknown person/s rode an off road type vehicle over six of the eighteen greens leaving deep tire marks into the greens.  The suspects also took numerous flags from the greens as well.  Damage totaled several thousand dollars. 

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